Cabinet announces the sinking of Limburg disaster area | interior

Cabinet announces the sinking of Limburg disaster area |  interior

The Council of Ministers is working to implement the Law on Compensation for Damages. As a result, people who have nowhere else to turn to claim can turn to the government for compensation.

“Limburg is not alone, nor is it financially,” said outgoing State Minister Van Veldhoven (Infrastructure and Water).

The Cabinet met Thursday evening at the headquarters of the Ministry of Justice and Security. There, several ministers were briefed on the floods.

200 years

“The water level is higher than it has ever been. This happens once every 200 years,” van Veldhoven says. She notes that in recent years many measures have been taken in the Netherlands to give rivers more space. “But this water level is much higher. since when.”

“We sympathize with the population,” said outgoing Prime Minister Rutte. He praised the aid workers, as well as the people who help each other. “This is the Netherlands at its strongest.”

prying eyes

Rota calls people to stay away from the disaster area. “We can’t use snoopers.”

Even outside Limburg, people are still at risk. According to Van Veldhoven, water boards are currently examining the state of flood defenses. “They are inspecting the downstream areas.” According to Prime Minister Rutte, it will be “very exciting” in Limburg and beyond.

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