Cabinet: A loan on your home (and therefore not on yourself) should be possible from 2025

Cabinet: A loan on your home (and therefore not on yourself) should be possible from 2025

The so-called “construction-related financing” is nothing new: the plan was already in place in 2018, when the climate agreement was concluded. But putting it up proved difficult: banks were unable to offer such loans on attractive terms, and European rules stood in the way.

try again

However, the government now wants to make a new attempt, Housing Minister de Jonge wrote to the House of Representatives. According to De Jonge, such a loan, which is tied to a house – and therefore not to yourself – helps people who are not usually very quick to take sustainability measures.

The goal is that the amount you pay back on the loan never exceeds the amount you save on your energy bill due to sustainability.


To ensure that the procedure does not fail again, the government will include an important condition: only a limited group of people will be able to obtain such a loan.

Who exactly that will be announced later, but De Jonge has in mind people for whom the payback period for procedures is usually very long: people who want to move in a few years or the elderly.


Municipalities, provinces and sectoral organizations asked de Jonge to reconsider the possibility of “construction-related financing”. They see it as an additional opportunity to impress people. In the coming years, 1.5 million homes must be made more sustainable. Municipalities have an important task in this regard. Through a targeted neighborhood approach, they must convince homeowners to invest in making their homes more sustainable.

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