Bruce Springsteen and Barack Obama publish a book together

Bruce Springsteen and Barack Obama publish a book together

After a podcast series, Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen will be releasing a book soon. Rebels: The publisher announced Thursday that a set of “candid, intimate, and entertaining conversations” between the two will be released in the United States on October 26.

In addition to the interviews, the 320-page book also contains more than 350 photos and archival materials from the personal collections of the former president and singer. Among them are Springsteen’s handwritten words and drafts of Obama’s acclaimed speeches. The two discuss topics like race, parenting, American heroes, and music in their conversations.

“The conversations I had with Bruce in 2020 are as urgent today as they were then. They represent our ongoing efforts to figure out how the United States got to where we are today and how we can create a more unifying story.” That could close the gap between American ideals and reality.”

Early this year, Springsteen and Obama already did an eight-part podcast with the same name as the book. In it, they also have “deep and revealing conversations,” according to Spotify. The two had been good friends for over ten years.

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