Bring on the end of the world

Bring on the end of the world

Two astronomers from Michigan discover a comet with a diameter of 9 km (9 km) that is rapidly heading towards Earth. “Planet Killer” who will rule our destiny in six months and two weeks. But to the duo’s surprise, the White House appears to be “in denial” and talk shows and social media are making fun of the danger. It remains a specialized story alongside the relationship problems of singer Riley Pena (Ariana Grande). Because does this comet really exist, or is it planned to profit from the space lobby? When the comet becomes visible, America launches the right campaign “Don’t look for.”

This hypothesis previously struck me as a witty, but also somewhat stressful, metaphor for climate denial and the ostrich’s antiviral behavior. If half the population denies the difficult, but unpleasant facts, disaster becomes inevitable. But how do you keep such a metaphor present throughout the film? That half of the Hollywood slate that fell in the footsteps of Leonardo DiCaprio’s environmental arrogance for this movie didn’t necessarily reassure me. Isn’t it a good movie to stay in the ostrich language?

exactly the contrary: do not search He is clever, and sometimes funny: an absurd, obsessive satire in the Kubrick imitation Dr. Strangelove. The denial joke is not used for long: at a certain point, the government and the media take the culprit seriously. The result of an ill-advised “mysterious photo” of President Meryl Streep, yes, but it’s a long story. Then a quagmire of interests opens up: This shocking comedy has more twists than a rattlesnake. And how long can a twitter and tik tok person focus on something as frustrating as the upcoming fall?

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This is Adam McKay at his best, the great TV series producer Succession (On the Murdoch clan), who achieved a directorial feat with Will Ferrell’s silly comedies about American media and masculinity: Anchorman, Talladega Nights, The Other Men. In 2015 McKay surprised The Big ShortAn educational and poignantly funny dissection of the credit crunch. in a vice, his 2017 biopic of Vice President Dick Cheney, his anger over the decline of the United States often shines through at times. do not search It is rather a grim, grinning mockery, a typical product of the Trump years. Humanity—or rather, the United States—turned out to be unreasonable, helpless, and desperate.

McKay’s star band does what they do best. Jennifer Lawrence plays astronomer Kate Dibaskey, who plays the sassy Cassandra – “We’re all going to die!” – It becomes a rich source of satirical memes. Its boss Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio) kept asking himself: What would Carl Sagan do? This demonstrates the aspiration of the Xanax, Zoloft, and Cialis tendon that can be easily formed by the White House and talk show host Tothula Prey Evante (Cate Blanchett). Meryl Streep, as Trump’s boss Janie Orlean, forms a fun duo with her son Jonah Hill and Chief of Staff Jason. The Gray Cardinal behind her throne turns out to be tech mogul Peter Escherwell (Mark Rylance), who gossips like Andy Warhol.

President Orlean (Meryl Streep) and his son and Chief of Staff Jason (Jonah Hill, far left).

Niko Tavernise / Netflix by Foto

Not all characters are equally successful — Ron Perlman plays a thankless role as a macho astronaut — and not all complications are equally necessary, but this shocking comedy is so energetic that those loose ends are popping, too. As the comet approaches, satire derails almost imperceptibly into frantic delirium. It’s all about money and popularity, which are closely related to the sheer power of the algorithm.

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in a do not search Mackay holds the blackest possible mirror of the United States. His country is no longer the hope of mankind but a tumor that threatens to sweep the entire planet into stupid demagogy, gross materialism, technological arrogance, dead infotainment, culture wars, and conspiracy theories. Not a very patriotic movie. Soon, she aligns herself with the culprit.

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