BMW 4 Series Coupe review: appearances are not everything

BMW 4 Series Coupe review: appearances are not everything

It looks bold in metal. The new BMW 4 Series was intentionally designed to elicit opinion, which is a common point of discussion in the automotive community.

BMW has defended the look since it unveiled the coupe, and has made no apologies for the decision to operate it safely with the conservatively refined 3 Series sedan and push the boundaries with the brave two-door sedan.

The new machine is available in three models starting at the 420i with a starting price of $ 70,900 plus road costs, or about $ 76,000 for a drive away – $ 1,000 more than its sedan cousin. It has the same 135 kW / 300 Nm 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine as the four-door, largely identical cabin including a head-up display, a digital dashboard and a 10.25-inch center touchscreen linked to Apple CarPlay wireless, Android Auto and charging Inductive and 10 stereo speakers.

BMW rightly believes that coupe buyers are looking for a more dynamic experience than conventional customers, so the 4 Series also gets 19-inch alloys, a sporty suspension, deeply-bolstered seats, a high-performance M4-inspired body kit, and a thick steering system. Wheel with shift paddles.

It comes with a basic set of driver aids including automatic emergency braking, but not adaptive cruise control or traffic jam assistance. Likewise, the seats have been trimmed with imitation leather, with original items assigned to the more expensive models. This is also the case for the adaptive suspension, or the heated seats and power tailgate (paired with the $ 2,860 comfort package). The metallic paint costs $ 2,000 alone, or $ 6,300 as part of a “vision package” including laser headlights, ambient lighting and sunroof fitted for our test vehicle.

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Five-year service costs are reasonably $ 1,650, but BMW’s three-year warranty lags behind five-year warranties for Mercedes or Volvo.

We also underestimate the BMW Connect offer to the third place among contemporaries in Europe.

It’s impressive on paper but not always intuitive. We also had a lot of issues with the BMW wireless disconnection.

But BMW corrects a lot of mistakes on the road.

As with its third-class cousin, the coupe is a dynamic niche in its segment. The relatively light frame brings impressive grace, aided by a frame that’s thinner and wider than the four doors. Shaped and compact, the 4 Series delivers the promised sporty driving experience through its design. It’s a balanced machine that feels sharper than most cars in this class.

The standard engine and eight-speed automatic transmission is adequate if not great, but BMW can sort that if your pockets are deep enough as is often the case in the luxury car world, then it’s a question of asking yourself what speed you can handle.

Judgment 3.5 / 5

The divisive appearances and standard equipment are quickly forgotten when it hits the road in the 4 Series, a testament that BMW still knows how to build chauffeur cars.


price: About $ 76,000 by car

engine: 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbo, 135 kW / 300 Nm

Warranty / Service: 3 Years / Unlimited KM, $ 1650 for 5 Years

safety: 6 airbags not yet rated, automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning

Thirst: 6.4 liters per 100 kilometers

Void: 440 liters

additional: Inflatable kit

do you want more?

Customers wanting more wallop have a lot of options in their 4 Series range. If your standard car’s engine is 135 kW / 300 Nm and 7.5 seconds from the dash to 100 km / h is uninspiring, consider the 430’s 190 kW / 400 Nm engine and the 5.8 second race for $ 88,900 plus road costs. Customers with cash can drop $ 116,900 on the roads on the M440i xDrive 6-cylinder four-wheel-drive engine that uses 285 kW / 500 Nm to reach the speed limit on the highway in 4.5 seconds. Enthusiasts may endure the 375 kW / 650 Nm BMW M4 competition starting at $ 159,900 on the road early next year.

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