Billie Eilish Just Recognized ‘Picture to Burn’ Is a Taylor Swift Music

Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish revealed that she was a large enthusiast of Taylor Swift’s “Photo to Burn off” when she was a little kid, but right up until this 12 months, she experienced no idea it was even a song from Swift’s catalog.

The singer put the keep track of on the playlist of the hottest episode of “me & father radio,” the Apple New music demonstrate she information with her father, Patrick O’Connell. “Image to Burn” was released as a solitary in 2008, after showing up on Swift’s region debut album in 2006 — right before her foray into pop superstardom.

“I utilized to love this song when I was like 4, no, most likely older than that. Most likely like 6,” Eilish shared.

“Taylor Swift experienced these amazing crossover country-pop songs that had these great stories to tell,” her father pointed out, as Billie softly sang the chorus to a further early Swift strike, “Enjoy Story.”

“It can be nuts. It truly is very country,” Eilish mentioned. “When I hear to it now, I’m like, wow. I fully didn’t recognize how place this was. But I liked this track back again then due to the fact I thought it was so lousy-ass. I believed it was so interesting and signify. I just liked it.”

But then she admitted, “I in fact did not know it was Taylor Swift till this year.”

Not only did Eilish not know that Taylor Swift sang “Picture to Burn” — the younger upcoming songs star also failed to even have an understanding of what Swift was singing about.

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“I did not understand at all what a ‘picture to burn’ meant,” she admitted. “The only word of ‘burn’ that I understood, that I thought that she meant, was like when you burn up a CD.”

Listen to what Eilish had to say about the basic Swift monitor below, and listen to the most current episode on Apple Audio.

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