Bigg Boss 14 contestant Naina Singh said she wouldn’t feel comfortable flirting with Salman Khan: ‘I didn’t see him like that’ – TV

Naina Singh entered Bigg Boss 14 on Sunday as a wild card contestant.

TV star Naina Singh, one of the wildest contestants of Bigg Boss 14, entered the show with a huge blow. In a matter of minutes, Splitsvilla 10 award winner caught her eyeballs in her fight with fellow Wild Cards contestant, Actor Chardoll Pandit.

Naina spoke to Hindustan Times before entering the Bigg Boss home about how she was handling feud, her favorite contestant Bigg Boss and why she wouldn’t be able to flirt with host Salman Khan. Excerpts:

Q: You’ve been a part of reality shows before, but Bigg Boss is a completely different ball game. What is your strategy?

A: Honestly, I don’t really have a strategy because whatever you think it won’t happen. It bothers you, because you think, “I thought about this but it didn’t happen.” Subconsciously, you feel very annoyed by him. I’m thinking I’ll have fun with my fans. I will be fun and make them laugh. This is my strategy because there are a lot of fights from day one and I think they need to be entertained.

Q: Who do you consider your biggest competitor to date?

A: Honestly, it’s too early to say anything. Even now, older people have been highlighted because they were doing most of the talking. I think I can answer this question when I’m inside. Personally, I don’t know anyone. Whatever I see, the contestants on Bigg Boss 14 aren’t seen often.

You previously talked about how playing a negative character in Kumkum Bhagya affected you mentally and you will cry when you look at yourself on TV. How will you deal with hostility and negativity in the show?

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A: One thing is for sure, I’ll be myself on Bigg Boss. There is no text or anyone to pretend. Everyone knows himself – how he can get bad and ugly. I know I definitely won’t be ugly. I don’t mean in terms of looks but rather ugly on the inside. Therefore, it will not affect me. As for the rest, let’s see because of course he is Bigg Boss and everyone has different personalities. Maybe someone will try to provoke me and I will respond. But the return will not be where I leave my dignity.

Q: Splitsvilla 10 co-contestant Priyank Sharma participated in a previous season of the show. Did you call him for advice on how to survive the show?

A: No, Yar, I already did two reality shows. At Next Superstars in India, we had to stay four months in the same house. I have also lived in boarding school all my life. For me, staying somewhere with unknown people is a habit. Everyone has a different point of view, I don’t want to take someone else’s point of view and go home.

Q: Who is your favorite Bigg Boss contestant?

A. Sidharth Shukla, from last year. I think he won half the match because he made every contestant feel like he was the winner. He had an aura. Not because he said even once that I would win, but that everyone felt it. He is extremely spontaneous and clever in his answers. If you have to argue with him, you have to correct the facts. You can’t argue with him for no reason because he has an answer for everything.

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Q: The contestants of Bigg Boss often have a personal life and raise controversies on national television. Is this something you worry about?

A: To be very honest, I didn’t have any arguments. I guess that’s the safest thing I’ve ever done in my life (laughs). I think I’ve been preparing myself for Bigg Boss for many years. I’m not a controversial actor, so I don’t think there’s anything that could come out of me that would bother me later.

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Q: In the past, we’ve seen contestants sometimes find love on a show. Are you open to that, too?

A: If you’ve seen my date, I haven’t seen the news of dating anyone. For me, love is very personal and it doesn’t come easy. I can’t be with someone for a week, two weeks, or a month, and I love that person. I think there must be friendship and understanding, and then love will happen. So if anyone says you fell in love in a couple of days or at first glance, it’s all nonsense. The only love affair I’ll have is with Bigg Boss. I will flirt with him.

Q: Would you like to form a relationship with Salman Khan like some of the other contestants?

a. Salman, sir, is someone I look forward to and appreciate. For me, flirting with him is something I wouldn’t be comfortable with because I didn’t see him like that. Girls who come and say “aap ke liye (for you)…” and all that, I don’t think I’ll be able to do that. Respect for Salman my master is different. It’s not something I flirt with or talk lovingly about.

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Q: What aspect of your personality would you like the audience to see?

A: If you follow me on Instagram, and if you see my pictures and videos, then I love to have fun and have fun. People consider me to be very open, forthright, and arrogant but no one has ever seen my spontaneous and funny side. I like joking. I’m in the fun zone more than fighting or sorcery. I am a person who will entertain myself if i don’t get one.

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