Big Brother 22 Triple Eviction Live Spoilers & Digest


Kevin Campbell and David Alexander were nominated to vacate Week 8 of Big Brother 22.

For the first time in the history of the show, Older brother It hosts Triple Evacuation in the special two-hour Evacuation Live episode that airs Thursday, October 1 from 8pm EST / Pacific Time on CBS. As it stands now, Kevin Campbell and David Alexander are on the verge of shredding, so one of them is sure to be home – but which two of the other guests will join one of them in the studio with host Julie Chen?

Follow up below with the live blog for the episode, however Be wary of spoilers. Don’t keep reading if you don’t want to be spoiled.

For whoever we think will be home, our prediction is that Kevin is on his way to the jury house the first night. The next two evictions obviously depend a lot on who’s HOH wins, but here’s who we think is most at risk of following Kevin out of the house.

All times are oriental.

8:00 – Here we go, gang. The first triple evacuation in Older brother History. Firstly, Julie Chen’s suit is FIRE. Also, this entire episode is very exciting. And just to record, at the top of the show, I would expect Kevin, David, and Christmas Abbot to be the three people who end up coming home tonight. Hope I’m wrong – I somehow hope the tables will turn on the men ruling the game with an iron fist. But we’ll see.

8:05 – Before we get to our first evacuation, we revisit what happened after Dr. Weil (in Halloween makeup, WTH was this ?!). Everyone was shocked that David took the money during the veto power. On the other hand, it’s not that great to make it look like you want to be there. On the other hand, it was an all-season goal so if you feel your firing is inevitable, get the money.


8:20 – In a unanimous vote, Kevin was fired the first night. There is no big shock. Kevin was just surprised he didn’t get a vote of pity or two. But it’s beautiful because of the “block voting” nonsense that has been happening all season.

8:35 – Time for HOH. here we are. It’s a corporate question about Dr. Weil’s appearance from the neighbor’s house. They have to decide whether the various statements are true or false. The first question is about renting the neighbor’s house and the answer is wrong, as it eliminates Danny, Tyler and David. Well that’s a shame. David’s victory was the most interesting result. However, the second question is that the writing on his cup of coffee is blue and the answer is wrong. Nobody is ruling out. Third question: Was his hand on his dress the entire time during his second appearance? The answer is correct and no one is ruling out. The fourth question about Will winks twice. The answer is wrong and Nicole is left out. Fifth question: Was he wearing slippers while appearing? The answer is correct, which means that Memphis is the HOH for the third time. *sigh*

How were there no questions about what was under Will’s robe?

8:40 Memphis goes to the living room chair and nominates David and Nicole to evacuate. Nicole’s nomination is a bit surprising. Also, the preview of Power of Veto Contest looks great.

8:50 POV is a picture puzzle and they only have to go through the balance beam twice which is a problem. I hoped it was back and forth on the beam. Christmas seems to have got off to a strong start, and even though she made one mistake when it knocked the first time, she still managed to make it happen. Would you use it with David or Nicole? No way, you wouldn’t risk Tyler going up in his place. Nicole immediately begins begging Christmas not to vote for her if she doesn’t veto it.

8:55 – At a POV meeting, Christmas chooses not to veto. shocking.

9:05 – Time for someone to vote. But first, guests are informed that it is a triple evacuation and they try desperately to act in shock (they’ve totally found it out before). Time to vote. Cody votes to fire David, Christmas votes to fire Nicole, Tyler votes to fire Nicole, Danny votes to fire David, Enzo votes to fire David and that’s it. David was sent off 3–2.

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