Better Call Saul: 4 things you need to know about this series

The final season of Better Call Saul is showing on Netflix. We will catch up with you.

From spin-off to stretch massive success. Better Call Saul is much more than just a part of Breaking Bad. This series has been very well received and is now nearing completion. We are looking back and looking forward to this high profile TV series.

1. More Seasons of Breaking Bad

Maybe you didn’t even notice. But more seasons of BCS have been created than seasons of Breaking Bad. After five seasons, the cake was completed for BB, while it was divided into six seasons. So one season is longer.

2. Have to wait for two years

Fans of the show had to wait two years for this latest season. Season 5 aired in 2020. Now it’s finally Season 6’s turn. Since this week, you can enjoy the first half of the new season on Netflix.

3. A cross from a branch

Did you know that there is a spin-off to Better Call Saul? It’s called Talking Saul and it’s a talk show where the episode is discussed. This occasional element is particularly relevant to viewers in the United States. There, this series will be broadcast on AMC.

The principle is not new. There was also Talking Bad from Breaking Bad. The same recipe is used for The Walking Dead.

4. Last season

The final season of Better Call Saul is now broadcasting worldwide on the same schedule. In total, the sixth season consists of 13 episodes. You can now stream the first half of the season on Netflix. The second half will appear on the streaming service from mid-July.

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