Best tweets, apps and hacks

Best tweets, apps and hacks

Some people think it’s just an American thing and don’t want anything to do with it, but others have already had their fair share of Halloween parties this weekend. Trick-or-treating isn’t quite right around the corner yet, but in the Netherlands we especially like to dress as if we were a crawl. Witches, zombies, vampires, mummies resurrected from the dead all passed through the regular city this weekend. Funny, because in the States, costume party certainly isn’t about crawling: Lots of celebrities dress up as famous personalities or people, like Marge Simpson and ET.

It’s nice that in Holland we make it a real horror party and focus on its horror. For example, we have Halloween events in some theme parks to scare visitors when night falls, and more and more people are making beautiful jack-o’-lanterns, those scary-faced pumpkins like the ones above. See the article.

A lot of Halloween has already passed, but today is October 31 and then it really is Halloween: these are the most beautiful tweets and hacks.

Google Doodles

Google has brought back a very cool game for Halloween. It also had the name Halloween-Google Doodle in 2018 (Google title if you go to, but this is the second, slightly more detailed version. The idea is to fly a ghost and collect all kinds of flames, which float behind you like a thread. However, there are also opponents trying to take your fire. Once the flames are in your base, they are safe, so you should go there regularly. If you do it right, you’ll get all kinds of manual boosts, which makes collecting flames a lot easier. Very nice and now you can play the game called The Great Ghoul Duel 2 for free within Google Doodle.

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Halloween on Waze

Google sees deep inside the Halloween balls, because its Waze app also has a Halloween theme. There are Halloween-style profile icons and vehicle icons, but even better, there are also navigation sounds that sound like zombies. In the side menu, go to Driving with Zombies and you can continue to survive or as a zombie. so much fun!

happy Halloween

A super themed party like Halloween naturally requires a fun hack from advertising agencies and large corporate employees. Where it was a little quiet at times in terms of inhalers last year, it now appears that organizations are really looking forward to it. small group:

Halloween Tweets

But there are also plenty of special mortals who are totally in the spirit of Halloween: have fun!

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