Since ancient times, games have always had a place or section of enthusiasm that transport the players and the audience out of the environmental fiasco and bring them to the reality of entertainment, enjoyments, connections and fortitude to face the next challenges and hurdles that the heat of the game might bring their way. 

Though, there are some games that come with a single player, while most are dual players’ entertainment. 

However, these games are best enjoyed when there is a real competitor – but it can be so hard to find the real people that know how to play this kind of games while many are too busy or are not just feeling the game for them to spend their little time on such games.

Thus this has created a shift to which many people adapt their choice of to the likes of online slots where it becomes easier to connect to people that share their fondness to play the games with or better play against the computer hardship trends when there is no substitute on ground to challenge. 

However, this article will be looking at these traditional games that can tune up people to take the gamers away from the need to hustle or serious to the realm of healthy competition with much relaxation. Below are the five best traditional games that can be played on mobile phones.


Chess is a competitive but recreational traditional board game that involves two players aiming to capture each other’s king to win the contest. The game of chess is however an abstract strategic game which involves no hidden formation with 64 squares arranged in 8 by 8 grid by which the game began with the lighter board counterpart. 

More so, the game of chess is a brain stormy game that categorizes the player to be an expert in the movement cadre of the chess piece from the highest rank piece, king, to the lowest rank piece, pawn. 

However the game is centered around the king protection and ability of the player that can checkmate his or her counterpart first – though there are some rules that govern the game which can easily be learned while the player is playing on his mobile phone. 

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Generally, the game of chess is available on both IOS and android platform – and while the game has been around for many centuries, the digitalization of the modern world has increased the number of players available to play the game due to the wide range of players that connect through it online. 

In fact, if the player prefers a game of reasoning and strategy – the game of chess is what he or she needs to relax and enjoy with friends or other players all over the world and this will certainly not bore the player as it will also fasten the players’ sharp mind.


Like chess, checkers has been around for many centuries and it’s one of the extreme royal and classy games which any player can enjoy with utmost decadence and flexible mindset to become a winner. 

However, the rule of the game is quite simple and straight, where the game is played by two counterparts on the opposite part on the other side of the board as the game flows through the darker square of the board diagonally to an unoccupied square. 

Although the uncrowned men can’t move backward and can’t take two squares at a time, when the opportunity presents itself, capturing is a must (although, this is subject to variation depending on the area and local rules).

In fact, the uncrowned piece move one by one until it reach the end of the counterpart board where it can be crowned to be the king – after which it can move to any length provided it on same square of diagonal and like the uncrowned, piece, when the opportunity present itself, the player have no choice but to capture, even if it mean a trap. 

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Despite the game antique history, having to play it or found a counterpart to have a meaningful match can be daunting, thus put many off their interest in the game as the time wind down – but it present on mobile device had generally created a dimension for the lover of the game as they can easily find a worthy challenger in any part of the world or either improve their gameplay while playing alone against the structured computer hardship level. Checkers or better known as draughts is available on both the IOS and android mobile platform for every lover of the game to enjoy. 


A classical kind of game that is available for both IOS and android devices for a wide range of players who are intended to relax while engaging their mind and brain to a challenge. 

The game is a multiplayer economic themed board game which enables all the players involved in a pact that ensures that they become rich depending on their decisions during the game. In the game, the player can roll an electronic dice or normal dice in the traditional one. 

However, the game is played with the goal of driving their counterpart to bankruptcy while buying and trading properties and developing them with houses and hotels. The player can also gain stipend while they can equally go to jail after the player passes through “GO” which they can escape when one of three conditions is met by the player. 

More so, with diverse house rules and many editions of the board, the game has become part of international culture with a series of players learning and reveling in the game. With it availability on IOS and android devices, the level and channel of the game popularity has increased majorly among youth and the oldies, but it a cool game that a relaxing mind and curious brain should always anticipate to venture their relaxation time into and for a player the relish a complex neck to neck competition type of game with option to teach themselves on economic decision, then Monopoly should be their game either on IOS or android devices. 

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Though the term “casino” is a generalized word for all the games available in casinos, the most essential and most popular one is the card game. The Casino has been around since over five centuries ago as a traditional betting house but it gained its popularity in the United States and since then, many have had their infatuations drawn to the game. 

But in recent years, we’re seeing a shift in ground-based casinos. The roaring tone of slots on the casino floor is becoming more of a distant flutter as more casinos remove the machines. Not because of the noise, but because there’s a serious decrease in ground-based slots and it is their online slots counterparts that are the responsible.


Scrabble is a game that depicts intelligence, attitude and pace in thinking ability. Scrabble is however a word game in which the player would have to earn points based on the point capacity and length of the word formed on the board. However, the board option can either multiply the point earned or add some value to the point based on where the word is placed on the board. 

In fact the availability of the game on IOS and android devices has increased the option of the player to have their match at any time of the day while each player can challenge a friend or anyone around the world to a match. 

But this classic board game on a mobile devices have been upgraded to encompass the beauty of word rack and the game graphic is quite appealing to relax the player to enjoy their relaxing time while they hold healthy conquest with their friend all over the world

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