Best CES 2022 bots

Best CES 2022 bots

The Consumer Electronics Show is coming to a close, but we’ve seen a lot of cool inventions. Nice TVs, funny gadgets, and anything and everything for gamers. What we haven’t talked about yet, however, are the private bots that have been reviewed.


Pompeii is a robot as we know it from the movies: it’s like a robot if you were to draw it. Classic, but equipped with all kinds of modern gadgets, such as the ability to log in to Beomni from the outside, with the ability to play through virtual reality glasses. He rides on wheels, has a sturdy build and a pretty face. However, what makes this bot so special is its accuracy. He can add a pinch of salt in the kitchen or empty a plastic bottle. This is not a robot waiter, not even a chef: Pompeii is for the elderly and actually more for their loved ones. Thanks to your VR glasses, you can now help your old mom remotely with this robot. In addition, the robot is self-learning, so that it can also do things by itself at a certain point.


The friendly face is cute (think Pepper), but a scary realistic robot is also introduced. He has facial expressions: not through screens, but through motors and plastic parts that allow the robot to grimaces, laugh and make funny faces. His eyes can also look at you deeply and even follow your finger if you stuck it – very childishly – in front of his face. The funny thing is that Ameca is the least capable of the three robots in this article, but it’s still pretty scary: the realistic face shows an exciting insight into what our future might be. This is the robot Elon Musk said “Yikes” about and if anyone gets used to anything it’s him.

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explorer labrador

It looks like a dog, maybe a robotic dog, but it’s not. It’s a side table that can be torn from one side of the sofa to the other just like that. This table does not do it randomly. It’s a smart table In addition to delivering your drink or remote control to you, it can also grab dishes to set the table or grab and bring other things to you. Of course, if you are on the same floor, because few robots can go up the stairs. The robot is also mainly for the elderly, who often already live on the ground floor and care, because this table also provides support for people who have difficulty walking. This special side table costs 1,322 euros, but will initially only be released in the United States. You still have to buy a subscription for €100 per month, which is mandatory for three years.

Robots at CES 2022

Of course, bots will not necessarily be fully available in the store tomorrow: they are there primarily to show what is possible in the field of robotics. So it’ll be a few more years before we can choose which robot to take home.

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