Baudet avoids suspension, faction complaint against FJP leader unacceptable | Policy

Baudet avoids suspension, faction complaint against FJP leader unacceptable |  Policy

The Special Committee on the Integrity of the House of Representatives has declared a complaint by eight party leaders against FDD leader Thierry Baudt inadmissible.

The Integrity Board, which examined the matter, does not consider itself authorized to impose a penalty on Bodet. If the complaint had been addressed, the forum chair could have been suspended. A spokesperson for D66, one of the parties that filed the complaint, confirmed this after reporting by RTL Nieuws.

Party leaders at VVD, D66, CDA, ChristenUnie, GroenLinks, PvdA, Party for the Animals and Volt filed the complaint at the end of June because Baudet continues to refuse to report additional jobs, gifts and income on the public record. This is mandatory for MPs.

side activities

In addition to being a member of the House of Representatives, Baudet is also a Board Member of Forum for Democracy BV and Director of THPB Media BV. The head of the forum writes books and gives lectures. reported that he would have received 85,000 euros last year. This amount has not previously conflicted with the ANP, but an FVD spokeswoman said Baudet simply pays tax on his income.

D66 Representative Joost Sneller told RTL Nieuws that he would not let her go. The group wants to use the Code of Conduct assessment, which will take place in the House of Representatives in the fall, to change the rules so that more assertive action can be taken.

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