Attorney General demands five years in prison against alleged obesity leader … (Haley)

Parket eist vijf jaar cel tegen beweerd kopstuk van mensensmokkelbende

Haley –

The Haley-Villford Prosecutor’s Office demanded on Wednesday afternoon a five-year prison sentence against a 35-year-old Sudanese who allegedly heads a criminal organization for people smuggling. He is said to have transported migrant breeders from Maximilian Park by truck to the UK at least 33 times. Remarkably, no other gang members have been identified. According to the defense, there were none as it was not a criminal organization

The Sudanese are said to have been active between December 2017 and March 2018 around Brussels North Station and Maximilian Park. According to the attorney general’s office, the man was there almost daily recruiting immigrants, then taking them or sending them to the parking lot along the E40 in Groot-Bijarden, to put them on trucks to the UK. From time to time, the man also used parking lots in Berg and Mons.

Change numbers

“The notes show him hanging around the northern station and talking to immigrants,” the prosecutor’s office said. “In the phone calls that are being recorded, he clearly talks about the money and says he does not work for free. There are also contacts with France and Germany and in the months that have been followed, he has changed his mobile phone and number several times.”

According to the prosecution, the man was apparently the leader of a larger criminal organization, but no other members of that organization were identified in the investigation.

He told the defense: “There was no criminal organization.” This is a man who himself fled Sudan and, like many others, wanted to cross into the UK. He tried to help others with this and put them in contact with the smugglers, but didn’t make a penny from him. Months before his arrest, he stopped doing it himself and is now trying to build a life here. “

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Judgment will be issued on March 10.

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