Cross champion Noah Shot continues training in Crisis in America | Other sports

Cross champion Noah Shot continues training in Crisis in America |  Other sports

Athlete Noah Shot had just landed in the United States when he saw President Trump on television at the airport saying that he was no longer allowing flights from Europe to the United States.

“I was here at the right time. My first thought was, maybe it wasn’t at hand, because I’m how to get back. But now I’m thinking differently.” Said the 24-year-old from Leiden, who won the Dutch cross-country title just before the coronavirus outbreak As long as there are no contests, I will stay here.


It’s okay here, but in New York it’s mess

Noah Shot

Shot’s plan was to prepare for the track season in Boulder, USA. His Big Goal: Run the Maximum for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Preferred to be on his preferences 10,000 meters, and as an alternative to chase the steeple of 3000 meters.

When the government decided to close all sports facilities in the Netherlands and the national athletics team from Papendal was forced to cancel internships in the United States due to the flight ban, Schott had just arrived in Boulder with three of his fellow athletes.

“I did manage to train well here for the first weeks. Also on the running track. These are more public areas here than in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, the guidelines have been tightened, because things are getting out of control here. Especially in New York, it’s mess. In Boulder, it’s something. Not too bad, but we also got an alert on our phones with the command “Stay home.” In principle, you are only allowed to take to the streets for “essentials,” and luckily physical exercise is also a part of that. As long as I can run, no Okay “.

The decision to postpone the Olympics for a year confused him for a moment. Was it logical to stay? “At the end of the training period, I was going to attack the 10,000m limit in a very busy race here, but now everything is uncertain. Nobody has any idea when the circuit season starts.”
He accepted the situation now. “When NK canceled the 10 km in Schoorl this winter due to that intense storm, I was very disappointed. That match was really a major goal and I really wanted to show how strong I am. Now I have less problem with it and it’s strange that I get energy out of this period. I have a longer year. To show what I can do. I am taking the time to continue training and improve myself. “

Shute has also decided to stay in the United States for the time being. “I’m going to Portland soon. I studied there for three years, I know people and I have a shelter. I’ll take it as it is and see when there will be games again. Motivation is not a problem. Running is also an outlet. It’s good to focus on training. You realize that without competitions, You also have to love your sport. “

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