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Aplikasi WhatsApp. – “WA GB” or “WA MOD” became a hot topic on Tuesday Vulgaris On social media like Twitter and TikTok.

WhatsApp GB or WA GB is the talk of internet users as it is said to have many advantages that the app has Chat The default version.

WA GB itself is a modified or modified version of WhatsApp that provides more customization, from appearance to features.

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But very few also refuse to use WA GB as it is considered to be quite annoying to regular WA users, especially regarding privacy.

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Advantages of WA GB

  • Screen is not dull as there are many features available on WA GB.
  • It can read messages that other users have deleted.
  • The cursor “currently writing” or “writing” can be removed.
  • Two can be deselected, and the font style change in the application.
  • It allows the user to view the status that other users have deleted.
  • Status can be downloaded without having to take screenshots.

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  • Since it is a mod app, WA GB calls for potential security risks like malware and spyware.
  • It harms the privacy of other standard versions of WA users because GB WA users can read deleted chats and download statuses that are more than 24 hours old.
  • Nobody guarantees the security of the personal data of WA Mod users.
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Regarding this, WhatsApp gave no response or action to WA GB users. However, if you look at the reports CNET In 2019, things like this could be troubling and their party will temporarily block users if they are caught using unofficial apps.

On the other hand, this app is not available on Google Play. Users must download them from external sites whose safety Google cannot guarantee.

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This is a number of WA GB or WA MOD benefits and features that you can notice. So, be tech-wise, don’t just use apps, especially unofficial ones. friends.

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