Atom C5000 (“Parker Ridge”): Intel launches six new SoCs for networking and storage

Atom C5000 („Parker Ridge“): Intel legt sechs neue SoCs für Netzwerk und Storage auf
Photo: Intel

With the Atom C5000 series, also known as “Parker Ridge”, Intel introduced a successor to the Atom C3000 series, also known as “Denverton” for network and storage. According to the manufacturer, the C-Series Atom processor family for small servers is specifically designed for server-specific configurations and includes 6 SoCs with up to 8 cores.

The Atom C5000 replaces the Atom C3000

Intel introduced the Atom C5000 series known as the 10nm “Parker Ridge” server processors and it handles SoCs in the network and storage areas particularly for small and medium-sized businesses.

Unlike previous versions of the Atom C3000 series, Intel does not offer any low-power models with R and L suffixes this time and specifies a total of six models with a power loss (TDP) from 32 to 50 watts.

The replacement SoCs for the Intel Denverton series, which was introduced in 2017 and is still manufactured in 14nm, includes the following models:

Intel Atom C series processors (source)

Intended for network applications, C53xx series models include 12 or 16 PCIe Gen 3 lanes. The C51xx series, intended for use in the storage area, provides 32 PCIe slots.

The Intel Ark Processor Database provides more information about Atom processors.

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