Clicking pays off in China: Thousands of euros for anyone who declares a citizen

Clicking pays off in China: Thousands of euros for anyone who declares a citizen

The action shows that China is increasingly cracking down on alleged threats, both from home and abroad.

Espionage is the spearhead

Citizens can get money if they give advice about certain people or actions. About 10,000 yuan for a “small” tip, ten times that in a larger case. “National security” is not specifically defined, but espionage is one of the spearheads.

The fact that financial incentives encourage the Chinese to report on spies and other potential “dangers” is not new. The new reward system should simplify the clicking systems in the different provinces, and above all encourage citizens to be vigilant.

The Ministry of State Security said this week that “the formulation of measures is conducive to the complete mobilization of public enthusiasm to support and assist the work of national security, and gather the hearts, morale, wisdom and strength of the people on a large scale.”

Sexually erroneous images in textbooks

The action follows a number of “incidents” that have grabbed attention in China: Last week there was an uproar over textbooks in which children were drawn in a sexually colored manner. State media blamed “Western infiltration” for this.

It fits with the direction in which China is taking a tougher stance on countervotes. Actions create a climate of fear. Reporter Roland Smead: “You have to be careful what you say and who you say. National security can mean anything. It can be serious espionage, but it can also include moderate criticism of government policy.”

In recent years, Chinese leader Xi Jinping has emphasized an aspect of national security: it must become an integral part of society, in which every citizen, young and old, is constantly looking for “disruptive influences.”

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