At least 1 star from Beter Leven’s Fresh Chicken: Also the last supermarket piece

At least 1 star from Beter Leven's Fresh Chicken: Also the last supermarket piece

Supermarkets Albert Heijn, Lidl, Jumbo, Plus, Aldi, Picnic, Coop, Dirk, Vomar, MCD, Boon’s Markt, DekaMarkt, Spar and Hoogvliet previously announced that they would only offer free chicken.

Meanwhile, the last supermarket, Bonnie, has also been done. Animal welfare organization Wakker Dier reported this today.

What do the stars mean?

Quality Mark stars can be found in many animal products in the supermarket, such as meat and meat products, eggs and dairy products. The higher the number of stars, the greater the friendship of the animals.

  1. * With one star, you are actually doing a better job than if you bought a product without stars: there is enough concern for animal welfare (space, daylight, distractions)
  2. ** You are doing a good job. There is great interest in animal welfare. In addition to more space, animals are also allowed outside.
  3. *** Then you are doing a really good job. Animals have the most space, comfort, and opportunities to play indoors and outdoors. The barn is designed so that the animal has the greatest possible freedom of choice.

Source: animal protection

“We now know that our supplier can already deliver according to the one-star quality label,” says Boni supermarket chain manager, Frank Claurin. “We are very committed to doing what we say to our customers and we await that confirmation.”

Additional emissions

However, Boni’s manager anticipates a problem: “The one asterisk is primarily focused on animal welfare,” Clarinen explains. “A two-week longer life for chickens, no matter how good they are, also means additional water use, additional CO2 emissions, additional manure production and additional use of space.”

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years of struggle

Wakker Dier is very pleased that all Dutch supermarkets will soon be switching to free chicken.

A spokesperson for Animal Welfare says, “Previously, supermarkets removed the scrambled chicken, but they replaced it with ‘failed chicken.’” The chicken that does a little better, but still doesn’t deserve a star. This chicken is still in the supermarket, but that will be over,” says Wakker Dier. The organization has been fighting for the fate of chickens for nine years.

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