Ariel ditched €420 in sunglasses this summer: ‘I call them my Karma sunglasses’ | money

Ariel ditched €420 in sunglasses this summer: 'I call them my Karma sunglasses' |  money

Money LabersEveryone makes a mistake with sometimes small or big financial consequences. In this series, people talk about their financial missteps. This week Ariel Berger (38) from Utrecht ditched €420 worth of sunglasses last summer.

what happened?

Ariel: I don’t usually spend a lot of money on sunglasses, but my eyes are light blue and sometimes the sunlight hurts. I had an unexpected financial gain in May, so I thought I’d invest in some great sunglasses.”

Where did you go?

“I bought one from my optician for 300 euros. For someone who doesn’t usually spend more than a tenner on this in Kruidvat, a loss. But I thought I deserved it, the glasses looked neat, they came in a hand bag with a polishing cloth and after the shock of the release I was completely happy.” That lasted exactly a month.”

And then?

The screws began to loosen. I went back to the ophthalmologist, where they were retried for free. If you’re buying expensive, you’re buying good service, I think. But a few weeks later it happened again. came back again. Then again. I called them and asked if there was no long-term solution to this problem. I was told it was the model. The screws were installed in the glass instead of the mechanic. This gave it a unique look but this will always make it easier to loosen the screws. I asked why they didn’t say this when I bought it and said I wanted my money back. But the two-month warranty period has now expired. If I want, I can buy another pair of glasses from them at a 15 percent discount.”

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Endnote that I might not have been careful enough did

Did you do?

I didn’t dare spend that much money on another pair of glasses from them, because many of the glasses they had were more expensive! The closing note that I might not have been careful enough I did. I never wanted to spend money on an eye specialist again. But vacation was just around the corner, and my number one priority was finding sunglasses. For 20 euros I bought glasses in a fashion store. I did feel some “downgrade”; I walked with something cheap on my head again. But it’s also a functional product and it did what it was meant to do. Until I lost it.”

Oops…then are you looking again for a new one?

“Walking through the streets of Nice, I spotted an eyewear shop in which I saw a beautiful pair. And relatively speaking, they are not expensive at all: 100 euros for a nice and heavy body. They looked much more expensive. Then I got elegant glasses and a nice souvenir. And then I can use the cheapest when I do tours in the mediterranean,because after that I was very annoyed by the glare of the water.So glad I got something beautiful on my nose this summer.

The next day, I lost my cheap goggles to an unexpected wave during my morning swim. Glad I still had my new glasses, and wanted to put them on right away when I got out of the water. A leg was broken. I really didn’t do anything crazy, I just broke off.”

Back to that eyewear store?

It was a Sunday, so it was closed and I came back the next day. When I got home, I immediately went to an eyeglasses store and showed it to him. “Parrot noise,” was the seller’s verdict. He was sentenced: “Plastic too cheap, poorly made, I would never sell myself.”

Don’t have sunglasses now?

,, I went back to Kruidvat, where I bought another one for 10 euros. It does not appear to be broken. I call them my Karma sunglasses.”

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