Antwerp’s Imby Pet Food wins ‘Beginning of the Year’ award | Antwerp

Antwerp's Imby Pet Food wins 'Beginning of the Year' award |  Antwerp

AntwerpEntrepreneur organization Unizo has chosen Antwerp’s Imby Pet Food as its “Start of the Year”. Imby Pet Food produces and distributes sustainable dog food based on insects and plant proteins, in order to reduce the environmental dog “paw footprint”. The products are already available in many Belgian and Dutch stores, and according to the company, contacts have already been made with the UK and Germany.

Imby stands for Unizo as a symbol of a successful sustainable business company. “This forward-looking way of working is fully aligned with the European goal of carbon neutrality by 2050,” said Danny van Ash, CEO of Unizo, who presented the award Thursday at startup hub The Beacon in Antwerp. Imby is located.

According to Unizo, it’s a good idea for budding entrepreneurs to monitor sustainability right from the start. After all, a sustainable and revolving economy is a growing economy. Unizo refers to “self-propelled” investments such as private power generation or water recovery, but also sustainable packaging, alternative raw materials, and local partnerships.

Impey says he takes sustainability as a starting point for his production. “Twenty percent of global meat production goes to feed our pets,” explains Nicholas Bartholomewson, CEO of Imby. “Livestock farming is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. We replace meat with insect proteins and plant-based ingredients that provide all the nutrients necessary for a healthy, complete dog food.” According to Bartholomeusen, Imby products are not only more environmentally friendly, but also hypoallergenic, making them An excellent solution for animals with allergies.

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