An impressive trailer for the latest Oscar contender?

An impressive trailer for the latest Oscar contender?

Tár appears to be preparing Cate Blanchett for the next Academy Award. If one can at least base that on the rock solid performance you put in the trailer for it tarin which she plays the role of a rock composer. Watch the trailer for yourself below!

Todd Field’s film portrays “maestro” Lydia Tarr, a world-class novelist. Played by Blanchett, the character is not the easiest, and in the movie the viewer sees her struggling with world fame and the pressure of performing.

But something more serious is happening in the trailer, which the creators skillfully hide. It leaves the viewer with more questions than answers, but it makes us very curious about this beautiful role that Blanchett plays.

The “Tár” cast also includes Nina Hoss, Noemi Merlant, Sophie Kaur, Mark Strong and Andres Davis. Field produces alongside Alexandra Milchan and Scott Lambert.

When can I watch the movie?
The film had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, but starting October 7, the film will also be shown in the United States. Unfortunately, the cinematic won’t be released until later in the Netherlands. We won’t be able to watch the movie until March 2, 2023.

Watch the trailer below!

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