An employee at Ex Coles reveals how to tell when the sale price will expire

the previous Coles An employee uncovered a way to see how long an item would still be up for sale – down to a 4-digit code hidden in plain sight.

Reduced image Potato On the Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook page Paying a former Coles worker to reveal helpful shopping advice.

Coles Shopper Teagan shared a $ 1.50 / kg special price picture of creamy golden potatoes, along with the caption: “Park Ridge, QLD Coles! Cheap spots! I’m not sure for how long.”

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Special fries at Coles
Shopper Coles Teagan was very happy with their shopping advice, shared by a former Cole worker for 10 years. (Facebook: Markdown Addicts Australia)

The question prompted fellow page surgeon to reveal that the sale expiration date always falls to the far right of the sale card.

He replied, “By judging the opponent card 10/7.”

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“The bottom right of all yellow marks gives the expiration date. The joy of being a 10-year ex-employee!”

The news seems to satisfy the original poster, as Tejan wrote: “Very good! I’ll definitely keep the trick in mind for the following specials.”

He’s not the first ex-employee to have taken away some nifty shopping tips and tricks in recent times. Last month, a former McDonald’s worker was dubbed “The Hero” after the revelation of A. A sneaky way to make a cheeseburger cheaperWhile in July, TikToker won viewers a list of Aldi fakes you could use Buy for a fraction of the branded issue price.

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Delicious decadent potatoes

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