Amy Schumer accused of a tampon shortage in America?!

Amy Schumer accused of a tampon shortage in America?!

Amy Schumer isn’t always positive in the news. Some people have something against the actress/comedian and therefore often criticize her. Now it has been hit again, although the whole story makes absolutely no sense.

Schumer is known as I feel beautiful And the train wreck, due to a shortage of tampons in the United States. The actress shared a screenshot of a story on her Instagram page (shown below), detailing why Schumer is to blame. However, she bit herself by explaining that she didn’t have a uterus anymore.

Last year, Schumer underwent a medical procedure in which her uterus and appendix were removed to relieve endometriosis (a condition in which the uterine lining grows outside the uterus).

Then she said:I’ve been in pain all my life, but after the surgery I’m a different person. I feel so relaxed, happy and have so much new energy to be totally there for my son!

the real reason
The real reason for having fewer tampons was explained in the popular Time magazine. In it, Tampax spokeswoman Cheri McMaster says that tampon demand has increased nearly 8% in the past two years. Therefore, the McMaster factory is working 24/7 to meet the demand.

It is entirely possible that the COVID-19 pandemic was to blame, with people buying in bulk in the early days of the crisis and in the subsequent months.

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