American companies and celebrities sign opposition to…

American companies and celebrities sign opposition to...

Hundreds of representatives of business and celebrities signed a statement on Wednesday opposing election discrimination in the United States. They are doing so now that Republicans are working on several bills that would change the organization of elections.

Multinational corporations like Microsoft, Apple, Twitter and Netflix, wealthy businessmen like Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffett and James Murdoch, major law firms and NGOs, and celebrities like Samuel L Jackson, George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ariana Grande and Shonda Rhimes, Katy Perry and Naomi Campbell signed the statement.

“We should all feel responsible for standing up for electoral rights and opposing any legislation or measure that prevents voters from having a fair and equal opportunity to vote,” the text posted as an announcement said. It is in the newspapers New York times employment Washington Post.

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targeting black Americans

The initiative was launched by former American Express CEO Kenneth Chenault and Merck CEO Kenneth Fraser, both black Americans. The two are mobilizing the business world after the passage of an election fraud law in the southern state of Georgia. Among other things, this law restricts early voting and wants to better verify the identity of those who vote by mail.

Critics say these Republican majority rules essentially limit access to the polls for black voters, who often vote for Democrats. After all, they are less likely to have the required identification documents now, and are more likely to have jobs that do not give them the flexibility to vote within the designated hours.

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Criticism and boycott

Calls for a boycott have also been heard from the economic sector and the sports world. For example, the MLB Major League Baseball has announced that its finals will not be held in Atlanta, the capital of Georgia. And Will Smith will not – as planned – shoot his next movie, “Emancipation” in Georgia about the history of slavery in the United States.

Many of Georgia’s major corporations, such as Delta and Coca-Cola, were initially criticized for not speaking out about the legislation before. In the end, the company’s leaders expressed their disdain, which in turn led to criticism and calls for a boycott from Republican circles, including former President Donald Trump.

Georgia is one of the states that helped Joe Biden win his election last year, in part because a historically large number of black voters went to the polls. Trump claimed his victory was “stolen” by mass voter fraud in Georgia, Michigan and Arizona, among other states.

To prove electoral fraud, Trump also lobbied an investigator and a government official. This is evident from several leaked phone conversations (see below).

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