Amazon’s Black Friday video game best deals

Amazon's Black Friday video game best deals
Amazon never misses a beat when it comes to Black Friday, and even though Prime Day was only a month ago, Amazon is speeding up the deal machine again on Black Friday. Black Friday begins on Amazon Friday, runs through the actual Black Friday, and honestly it will likely turn into Cyber ​​Monday, there will be thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of Black Friday deals to comb, but if you’re re-reading IGN, you probably are More interested in Black Friday Shows video game. good news! Amazon has a bunch of deals planned.

Nintendo Switch Black Friday deal at Amazon

If you’re looking for a Nintendo Switch deal, Amazon’s Black Friday offer is the same as everyone else. You can get the latest Nintendo Switch Edition, Digital Edition Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and three months from Nintendo Online for $ 299. This is certain. Amazon will likely have more packages available. In past years, Amazon offered its Black Friday Nintendo Switch bundle deals to console with eShop credit cards and microSD cards. With the Switch hard to find this year, it’s hard to tell for sure, but my gut tells me that they will pull some packages for a deal event.

Expect to see plenty of opportunities to save on Nintendo Switch games as well. With retailers like Walmart and GameStop already announcing their deals, expect Amazon to match their prices.

PlayStation Black Friday deals at Amazon

For PlayStation this year, expect to see a lot of bargains on PS4 games. What I don’t expect to see is any deals on the PS5, or even if the PS5 will be available on Black Friday. Walmart said it will have the PS5 available to order online the day before Thanksgiving, November 25, starting at 7 PM ET. Amazon didn’t say anything.

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PS4 gaming will be one of the biggest video game savings on Amazon. Since 99% of them work with PS5, this is a great time to stock up on games you might have missed the first time.

PlayStation Plus subscriptions will also sell on Amazon for Black Friday for 25% of its regular price of $ 59.99.

Xbox Black Friday deals at Amazon

The PS5 will likely be the same as for the Xbox Series X, as I don’t expect Amazon to have any stock available, let alone bargain for the new console. However, expect to see a lot of Black Friday deals on Xbox games and possibly Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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