Amazon starts free streaming service in Germany and the Netherlands next?

Amazon starts free streaming service in Germany and the Netherlands next?

Amazon will launch a royalty-free streaming service in Germany at the end of 2022. The royalty-free streaming service offering is called Amazon Freevee.

In addition to Germany, the service will also be available in Great Britain and Northern Ireland this month.

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Amazon Freevee includes series and movies exclusively acquired by Amazon. Amazon has been providing the service in the US since 2019.

The name has been linked to the Amazon Internet Movie Database (also known as IMDb). The brand name was originally IMDb Freedive, but today it is (still) better known as IMDb TV.

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IMDb TV will change its name again. This time, the name will change to Amazon Freevee on April 27, 2022.

Amazon Freevee is a free streaming service whose costs are covered by ads. Instead of Amazon’s premium streaming service (Prime Video), Freevee offers old/other movies and TV series, including classics, and a limited amount of original content.

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At the moment, Amazon Freevee is only available in the United States, Great Britain, and Northern Ireland. At the end of this year, Amazon’s free live streaming service will also arrive in Germany, but it is still unknown if the free streaming service will reach the Netherlands.

Freevee has a good number of movies and series including Sheet Creekmad menChicago fireLostunknown filesmarginsicario knives Invisible Man, Princess bride, anger. Streaming search service JustWatch shows that Amazon Freevee has over 9,000 TV series and documentaries on Amazon Freevee, most of which are made up of content from (other) movie studios and TV productions.

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