Also banned on flights with passengers from South Africa Interior

Also banned on flights with passengers from South Africa  Interior

The ban is in effect from Monday evening 9 PM Netherlands time, and will continue until January 1 at the latest. The ban does not include the transportation of goods and medical personnel.

Last weekend, a ban was imposed on flights from the United Kingdom, due to a new type of virus that is spreading there. According to the ministers, the mutation of the virus in South Africa has similarities to that of the United Kingdom, “although the strains are not identical.”

240 passengers

The ban canceled two South African flights that were due to depart on Tuesday morning. Approximately 240 passengers are affected. According to a KLM spokesperson, the planes are returning from Johannesburg and Cape Town with crew and cargo only.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is studying what can be done for Dutch citizens trapped in South Africa as a result of this measure, “especially in painful situations. The Cabinet advises these Dutch to find safe housing for the coming days, while awaiting opportunities to return to the Netherlands.” KLM recommends site monitoring.

Negative test statement

The Cabinet wants all people traveling to the Netherlands, including EU citizens, to be able to show a negative test statement. This obligation actually applies to people from countries outside the European Union. Once this commitment becomes a reality for EU citizens, the flight ban can be lifted. The flight ban will also be withdrawn before January 1 if effective European measures are taken against importing the virus.

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