Alonso presses FIA on appeal in Alps against time penalty

Alonso presses FIA on appeal in Alps against time penalty

Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso is more or less counting on the FIA ​​to pull off a 30-second penalty at the United States Grand Prix. The Spanish driver described his Alpine team’s appeal against this penalty as important to Formula 1. “The decision will show whether we are heading in the right direction in our beloved sport,” he wrote on Instagram. Resumption on Thursday before the Mexican Grand Prix.

Alonso was forced to relinquish seventh place on Sunday after stewards granted a protest by rival Haas over the safety of his car. The two-time world champion seriously collided with Aston Martin Lance Stroll during the race, but managed to keep his car on track and continue. His right mirror was loose. Haas thought it was unsafe and argued that Alonso should have driven into the pit lane for repairs. The hosts agreed to Haas and a time penalty dropped Alonso to 14th, out of World Cup points.

Alpine resumed because the team believed Alonso’s car was safe enough. Furthermore, Haas was going to file the protest too late. Alonso shared on Instagram that he has received tremendous support from people who all believe he was unjustly punished. “It’s one of those rare moments in sport when I feel like we’re all on the same page and have the same opinion about rules and regulations,” he wrote.


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