The new Viking city building is well accepted by the community

The new Viking city building is well accepted by the community

Steam: The new Viking strategy game is well received. (Image source: Iceberg Interactive)

The Steam community celebrates an all-new city building game. In hitting strategy, you can take control of a Viking clan, plunder, trade and expand your village. Soon after its release, Land of the Vikings is already evolving into a Steam insider tip with this concept.

Viking Land of the Vikings has been available on Steam in Early Access since November 8th, and first impressions have been pretty positive. you can in it Build a strategic city Expand your Viking villageUpgrade and equip defenses to defend against enemy raids.

Land of the Vikings: Early Access Strategy Tip

The Land of the Vikings offers you the opportunity to build your own Viking village from scratch Gradually develop into a prosperous city. However, you have to consider many aspects, because growth and wealth cannot be easily achieved in a strategy game.

Check out the Land of the Vikings trailer below:

Land of the Vikings: Trailer Announcement

As a Viking leader – also called Jarl – you have to be smart Manage your resources, trade and loot. In addition, there are many adversities to face, including weather events and attacks of enemy tribes and villages.

Head to Land of the Viking on Steam!

Steam: Viking is well received by the community

Land of the Vikings is getting positive reviews at launch on Steam so far, although some players have noted that there are still some rough edges to fix – that’s it Expected in an early access game though. You can insure the game with a 10 percent discount until November 15th.

Of course, there is no shortage of solid strategy games on Steam. Only recently with Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord A new medieval game with action RPG elements has been released, which is doing well with the community on both Steam and the Xbox Store.

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