All Elite Wrestling File Brands for AEW Video Games

All Elite Wrestling was founded in 2019 and has since become the main competitor to WWE.

While not at the same level as the WWE premiere featuring Raw and Smackdown, it regularly beats NXT in the rating.

AEW is founded by “The Elite”, Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, and Young Bucks.

As with any prominent wrestling company, a video game is inevitable.

A company founded by Gamers For The Gamers!

As with many people in the world today, AEW roster members as well as management enjoy playing video games,

Starting from PC, Xbox, PS4 and online gaming platforms such as playamo, The Management is now competing the WWE

Kenny Omega, AEW co-founder and top wrestling star, is a fan of video games, especially games like Street Fighter.

At E3 2018, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks played for WWE’s New Day tag team Street Fighter.

Since the companies were founded, fans have been asking if a video game is in the works.

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Omega has stated in the past that it wants to license the AKI engine, or recreate something similar to the AEW video game.

The AKI engine was the engine used in popular wrestling games like WWF No Mercy & Wrestlemania 2000, as well as WCW / NWO World Tour & WCW / NWO Revenge.

WWF No Mercy is still a game with a cult following, especially in the mod community.

An AEW mod for the game has already been released, explaining what an AEW video game could be like if the engine were used.

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AEW files are trademarks of video games

On October 23, All Elite Wrestling has applied for various brands including “AEW Games”.

This sparked speculation that an AEW match could be announced soon.

The game is already underway, with referee Aubrey Edwards working as a developer.

Aubrey Edwards has over 10 years experience developing games, working for companies such as Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft.

Her last video game project prior to working full-time at AEW was working on virtual reality headsets.

Edwards’ bio on Twitter states that she makes video games for AEW.

Alongside AEW Games, the company also carries the “Elite General Manager (GM)” trademark.

This might indicate general manager status, something that was very popular in the Smackdown vs Raw series of WWE games.

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