Agractie still in discussion with Remkes tomorrow, ‘Government accepts terms’

Agractie still in discussion with Remkes tomorrow, 'Government accepts terms'

Farmers’ organizations said earlier today that they wanted to speak to nitrogen broker Johann Remix only if they wanted to discuss the deadline to halve nitrogen emissions, PAS detectors, and the nitrogen map, focusing on innovations and the critical precipitation value (kdw) – cap. Talk about how much nitrogen a particular nature reserve can handle.

Thus, they returned the ball to the locker.

Farmers Chief Bart Kemp is said to have “just” received the message that “Remix and Cabinet are getting into this agenda proposal”. “This way, our preconditions are met for a constructive conversation that we hope will lead to results and begin to restore trust,” he adds.

Remkes spokesperson and Nitrogen Minister spokesperson Christian van der Waal do not want to respond to Agractie’s claim. “We are still waiting for the final agenda, but the signs are positive and the conversation with the sector will be good with a view to rebuilding confidence,” says LTO Nederland.

For tomorrow, Medium Remix has invited all farmers’ organizations that have also been asked to participate in the previous discussion on tackling the nitrogen crisis. Tomorrow’s meeting will be attended by Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Ministers Henk Stäger (Agriculture) and Christian van der Waal (Nature and Nitrogen).

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