After a negative quick test for a museum or zoo? This is possible this month | Instagram

After a negative quick test for a museum or zoo?  This is possible this month |  Instagram

With a negative rapid test certificate in their pocket, Dutch people can go to zoos, parks, museums, and theaters or the Keukenhof this month. Exceptionally, locations across the country will open their doors for a day or a few days while in lockdown. The general public is also gradually welcomed into sporting competitions.

Not everyone with a negative coronavirus test is welcome. Those who want to report themselves must go to the site they want to go to. If you can get a ticket, you cannot enter a private test street until after the test certificate is shown. This free test is preferred within 24 hours prior to admission. The trial version, which is a test to see if certain sectors can still be unlocked with test certificates, is designed for a limited number of people.


This number varies by location. For three days – maybe 9, 10 and 11 April or 16, 17 and 18 April – 5,000 people are welcomed into Keukenhof. Grote Kerk at Naarden, a memorial open on April 9th, can receive 150 people. People are also assigned a time when they can enter. The public is welcome again at sports competitions. For example, 3,000 people are welcomed to the Cup Final between Ajax and Vitis on April 18th.

The ministries of health, economic affairs and culture want to use the experience to see if visitors are confident it is safe enough and whether they are willing to take a quick test beforehand. “We are convinced that through access tests, we can open up activities with more precision and responsibility,” says Minister Hugo de Jong (Public Health).

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Three zoos are also opening their doors. Artis will do so on April 12 and 13, Ouwehands Zoo on April 14 and Diergaarde Blijdorp on April 17. The museums open their doors during the museum week that starts on April 19. It is mainly about small museums. The Rijksmuseum or Van Gogh museum are missing from the list. A number of theaters opened their doors earlier. They decide for themselves what to program on the days they are allowed to open. All activities that open doors are on the website of the national government. This also includes recreational sports: yoga classes, hockey tournaments, and swimming for young people.

These pilots are different from the larger “field labs” that are also being tried. For those large events, people are required to take a negative PCR test and are divided into different ‘bubbles’, with and without a mask and five feet apart and without. It is also intended that the participants in the field labs will test themselves again after the event.

This is not necessary for pilots. There, everyone must adhere to RIVM’s guidelines. That means keeping your distance, wearing a mouth mask, washing your hands and staying home if there is a complaint – even if the card is already in your pocket.

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