After 19 miscarriages, Carrie gave birth to a baby weighing 6.4 kg: ‘He got a lot of attention in the hospital’ | Abroad

After 19 miscarriages, Carrie gave birth to a baby weighing 6.4 kg: 'He got a lot of attention in the hospital' |  Abroad

Dutch boys weigh on average about 3.5 kilograms at birth. Finley Patunay, a boy from Glendale, Arizona, was about 3 pounds heavier. “My waters broke when I stood on the scale with my gynecologist,” says mum Carrie Patunay. “That is why my planned caesarean section was offered one day. It was estimated that he weighed 6.25 kilograms.”

But this was clearly not enough for Finley, because his final birth weight would be 150 grams: 6.4 kilograms. Baby Finley was two feet tall. “It was already that big and I also had almost twice as much amniotic fluid than usual. So my baby tummy was really big, yeah. Not exactly comfortable, but I’d do it all again for this little miracle.”

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Finley is the third son of Carrie and Tim Pattonay. Devlin at ten and Everett at second. Both were born by caesarean section. Devlin weighed 3.7 kilograms at birth, and Everett is already 5 kilograms. “The doctor told me Finlay was the heaviest kid he helped bring into the world in 27 years. He had a lot of interest in the hospital. The nurses and doctors were always talking about him.”

The boy—say, the boy—was unsuitable for any piece of clothing his parents had previously bought him. “He’s already wearing clothes that are usually meant for six- to nine-month-olds.”

Since he was so big and heavy, Finlay had to stay in the hospital longer than usual. Eight days in total. A difficult period for Carrie who has had to deal with nineteen miscarriages in the past. “Going home alone was very difficult for me emotionally. Fortunately, I realized that it was for a good reason. And that he was in good hands.”

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