Norris laughs at his fatal mistake: ‘I was really an idiot’

Norris laughs at his fatal mistake: 'I was really an idiot'

Lando Norris was in very good shape during the second free practice. He was the fastest on the track behind Sergio Perez. In general, the young Briton was satisfied, but at the same time, according to himself, he still made many mistakes.

“It was a good day in terms of result and pace, but it wasn’t easy,” he said. Racing News 365. “The wind and the bumps made it very difficult. Even with the setup, because I struggled a lot in the first rounds. In the last round we made good changes and I was much happier with the car. Then I managed to push more and it became easier.”

“I think we’re in good shape. We can make some changes, which gives me more confidence in the car, and more confidence means better lap times. So yeah, a solid first day. Looking forward to the rest of the weekend.”

However, we’ve seen some Norris restarts block itself or make mistakes. When asked if it was due to a slippery track, Norris rejected the suggestion. No, it was all his stupid mistake. “I was just an idiot. I braked while riding on the sidewalk, so it wasn’t slippery or anything like that. That’s the number one rule, don’t brake while riding the sidewalk,” he laughs.

Norris is anticipating an exciting race due to the difficult conditions. “The long distances were fine. At the same time, it was also tough, because the tire wear was high. You can be fast, but then also your tires wear out quickly. Everyone suffers from that, because of the high temperatures. That. It made it difficult. , because soon for example I ruined my tires in the long run. I felt fine, but again, it was tough. I hope the race is good on Sunday.”

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