AEW works with multiple video games

AEW works with multiple video games


During his post-Full Gear 2020 media post, AEW President Tony Khan discussed everything from AEW video games to the kind of shows looming to promote.

With AEW recently branding its “AEW General Manager” and “AEW Games”, Khan shed some light on what the future might hold for the company in the world of video games:

“I can’t say much. We make multiple games. We are working on more than one game in AEW games and will cater for many platforms. We will cater to different types of games and different interests. I think we’ll put a title, best-in-class console game in a game Console. We’re really excited about that. “

Khan also noted that in addition to the console game the company would like to introduce to its fans, the GM game was also in the pipeline:

“The show was great but there’s still a lot left this year. That could affect our videogame plans and also, we’re going to put something for those people, like me, who love putting their wrestling cards together and love to be AEW General Manager. That would be fun.” .

With the Full Gear event approaching last night, AEW has come under widespread criticism for the way they have handled the PPV women’s championship dispute. Khan admitted he dropped the ball with this show because he didn’t take into account the fact that there are fewer people watching Dark than Dynamite:

“I understand what people are saying about the split. Maybe I should have done better to put in some of Nyla’s storyline when she said she wouldn’t wrestle again and Vicky said she would fight again until she got the title. I should have used that in Dynamite more. Watching Dark Closely and I work closely on Dark and write the book The Dark, so I obviously watch Dark, but I forget sometimes that there is about half of the audience watching Dark for us, usually. ”

He also revealed that the story played the way it did in part due to Vickie Guerrero being unable to attend a number of shows:

“Maybe I should have put that on, and then, to be honest, Vicky wasn’t able to come those weeks, not because she was sick, but because it was always a struggle. I gave her that leave and maybe I should have cleared it … there’s a lot to put together the shows. . “

Another major takeaway that came out of this particular program was the announcement that AEW would be showing “Beach Break” in January, along with a number of other big events in the future:

“There will be Beach Break in January. In December, we have some mega events coming as well. Next dynamite is going to be huge as well. I think in December we’ll see some of the biggest shows we’ve had. I think, in January, Beach Break is going to be an amazing event.”

AEW also announced that its upcoming PPV, Revolution, will drop on February 27, 2021.

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AEW Full Gear is available in 4 different languages ​​(English, Spanish, French and German commentary) here.

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