Adrian Zeeland in Australia: ‘It makes no sense to open a camp site here’

Zeeland Adrienne in Australia is a proud grandmother (without having children)

Adrienne keeps us updated on her life in Australia every week. At the moment, the Zeeland woman on the other side of the world is mainly occupied with her and her husband’s business. Work at camp on the back burner. “We just signed a new contract to build new roads. We are also working on a contract to help fight bushfires.”

Every day of the week we talk in the radio department Zeeland abroad With a former county living in another country. Adrienne Verburg from Kortgene went to Australia at the beginning of 2016. A trip was planned, but once in Australia she met her current partner and decided to stay. She currently lives in Fraser Range Station in Western Australia, where they run a contracting company, a large cattle ranch, and a campground with a restaurant.

Adrienne does not notice that residents of her state are going on vacation in their state. “Only that’s no reason for us to open the camp site. We live entirely on the state border and to get to us, people have to make huge detours. They won’t, there are enough campsites on the way.”

Listen back to the conversation with Adrienne below:

Adrian tells from Australia

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