Adel El-Araby and Bilal Falah present DC’s first transforming character in Batgirl

Adel El-Araby and Bilal Falah present DC's first transforming character in Batgirl

Ivory Aquino plays the first mutant character in a DC movie. © Getty Images via AFP

Adel Elaraby and Bilal Falah are currently working on Batgirl for the DC Superhero Factory, a movie that will be a milestone for several reasons. It will not only be the first single edition of the well-known comic book character. There will also be a transgender character for the first time in a DC movie, played by a transgender person.

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bat girl on HBO Max later this year. Anne Leslie Grace – She could be seen in the musical last summer in the heights – He will take on the title role, he was already known. DC is now announcing that Filipino-American Ivory Aquino, who is herself a transgender person, will play the first trans character in a DC movie.

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Aquino takes on the role of Alicia Yeoh, in the comedy Barbara Gordon’s best friend and roommate (the alter-ego of the superhero). Relatively new character – appeared

Leslie Grace as Batgirl on the set.

Leslie Grace as Batgirl on the set. © rr

For the first time in 2011 – switching from paper to screen for the first time.

There has been some speculation about a possible role for Aquino after she shared a photo with Leslie Grace on Instagram earlier this month. The actress is not well known to us, but in the United States she was very successful with her portrayal of transgender activist Cecilia Chung in the miniseries. when we rise.

Not only in the superhero comics, but also in the film adaptations, the focus is more on themes close to the heart of the LGBTQIA+ movement. Think of Robin, that other sidekick of Batman who was revealed to be bisexual last year. Soon after, bisexual Superman also appeared in the comics. In rival Marvel, popular character Loki appeared last year as a gender fluid.

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In addition to Grace and Aquino, some well-known names will appear in bat girl. For example, it was previously confirmed that JK Simmons will play James Gordon, Batgirl’s father. He did it already a few years ago in Justice Squad. Brendan Fraser will be seen as the villainous Firefly, while Michael Keaton wears the Batman suit once again. The actor played a superhero in the early 90’s in Batman in a Batman returns.

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