“Access Testing Offers Negative Test Evidence as Compensation”

"Access Testing Offers Negative Test Evidence as Compensation"

A reporter from New Hampshire was offered a negative result without a test to go to parties for access tests. And she wasn’t the only one. The company could not be reached for comment. Due to technical issues and a potential hack, many people seem to receive their results too late.

NH Nieuws reporter Mike Boulder went to Audition Street again afterwards No results yesterday نتائج I got after tested. She has since received an email with a negative result. “I went to the testing site and complained. Then I had to sign up and they matched a negative test through the system without getting tested.”

According to the test site staff, the mail system was not working and he was out for one day. “There were two people on the test street who also tested themselves a second time,” says Maike. “You usually get results within an hour. That’s a real shame, I’m curious what it will look like in a couple of weeks in terms of infection.”

Another story is the story of Fleur*. She had to make a new appointment today and go to the audition site again. There she indicated that the result was not yet known and that the contact number could not answer her questions.

“I didn’t have to test there anymore and got a negative result as compensation. Yesterday a girl at the counter sent me home because I forgot my ID. Fifteen minutes later I came back and my ID wasn’t needed after all. The test was done., but it was hanging for hours at the number and then I got that negative result as ‘compensation,'” she told NH Nieuws.

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* Fleur’s real name is known to editors.

The access test is not available to the press or consumers. When they call, they are told, “He’s too busy to answer.”

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