ABN Amro is not (yet) in court over millions of usurious interest lawsuits Capital

ABN Amro is not (yet) in court over millions of usurious interest lawsuits  Capital

Steve Smit of the Consumers Association said Saturday on the TV show NAP that Amro will not be on trial for a potential $ 1 million claim against the bank for “interest-based interest” on the loans. Cash desk.

According to Smit, director of the Consumer Association’s claims service department, the bank is prepared to put this plan on hold as long as the parties are in talks. 12,000 people have now reported to the claims service who say they have been scammed, by ABN Amro or another bank.

Last month, ABN Amro suffered a defeat on the matter at the Kifid Complaints Institute. The latter ruled that the financial group should pay the excess interest to the consumer with flexible credit. Because, according to the ruling, customers can expect to pay less interest if interest rates fall in the financial markets, unless the bank states otherwise in advance.

Off the table

After this ruling, ABN Amro promised to speak to the consumer association, but also said he would go to court because the bank did not agree. Smit says that intention is not on the table now. He says that an initial exploratory discussion took place between the two parties. The Consumers Association earlier estimated that ABN Amro made 80,000 loans.

At the start of April, Santander and Vesting Finance also suffered a defeat in Kifid due to “usurious interest rates”.

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