A woman from Texas died of coronavirus during a commercial flight

A woman from Texas died of coronavirus during a commercial flight

Editor’s Note: The video above is Governor Mike Deweyne talking about a spike in coronavirus cases in Ohio.

Dallas. TEXAS (NEXTAR) – A Texas woman with COVID-19 died during a flight, according to Dallas area officials.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins announced the death of July 25 after it was officially linked to COVID-19.

The woman died in her 30s while the plane was parked. According to a press release, the woman had difficulty breathing, was given oxygen, and eventually died.

According to the press release, the woman was suffering from underlying medical conditions.

Officials do not know if the woman knew she had COVID-19 when she got on the plane, according to Buzzfeed News.

Jenkins said in an interview with WFAA-TV that the death is “a reminder that there are no age restrictions in COVID.”

Additional details about the death and the patient have not been announced due to the patient’s privacy.

The average number of COVID-19 cases in Texas currently stands at 5,225 per day, up 15 percent from the average two weeks ago, according to the New York Times.

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