A shout out to Mayor Barley Nassau: ‘Don’t come here for the fireworks’ | the interior

A shout out to Mayor Barley Nassau: 'Don't come here for the fireworks' |  the interior

Barle-Nassau and Barle-Hertog together form a village on both sides of the border. Baarle-Nassau is part of the Netherlands and Baarle-Hertog is part of Belgium. This means that they both have different rules for garland and fireworks.

Many Dutch people are now moving to Baarle-Hertog because fireworks can be sold there, but not in the Netherlands. “We regret that many Dutch people go shopping and buy fireworks across the border,” Mayor Margon de Hoon Willentorf wrote on Facebook.

The police look at the beginning of the year with trepidation. Despite the ban, huge fireworks were stocked.

“It can’t be everywhere at once”

The mayor also writes that it’s complicated. “We are doing what is within our capabilities, together with the police and the boas, to keep the situation under control. However, we cannot be everywhere at once and are not a competent authority on Belgian territory, Baarle-Hertog.”

Earlier, police confiscated nearly 500 kilograms of fireworks during searches in and around Barley Nassau. The agents conducted random checks on the import of fireworks in Baarle-Nassau for a period of three weeks. The police did not arrest anyone, but issued a number of fines. F2 class pyrotechnics were seized mainly during inspections. This includes fireworks and torches.

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