‘A ray of hope’ as a new company shows interest in the Come By Chance Refinery

The county’s energy minister describes it as a “ray of hope” in light of some deeply disturbing news about the oil refinery. Come by Chance.

The future of the refinery sparked an emergency debate in the House of Representatives yesterday.

A second company came forward to express interest in the original amid news that the refinery had failed to sell to Irving, affecting hundreds of jobs.

Origin International, which has offices in the UK, Middle East and India, says it is “still interested” in Come by Chance, but cannot provide further comments at this time.

Minister Andrew Parsons was questioned on the issue in the House of Representatives, indicating that the matter is “fluid” and “evolving.”

He says the government is not a party to the private trade deal but will do whatever it can to facilitate “some form of transaction.”

Opposition leader Chase Crosby says the potential shutdown of the Come By Chance oil refinery will affect far more than the roughly 500 people it employs.

Crosby estimates the true figure to be four times that when all subsidiary and related work are taken into account, saying there is more than justification for yesterday’s urgent debate on the issue.

He says that holding the debate showed how serious the matter is for the workers and families involved, and how important it is for members of Parliament as well.

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