A parliamentarian asks about 1.5 billion euros in compensation to Shell for stopping gas extraction

Een beeld van de gaswinnings- en gasbehandelingslocatie van de NAM aan de Kanaalweg in Scheemda (Foto: ANP)

The daily Trouw reported on Saturday that oil companies had “paid” 1.5 billion euros in compensation from the state. The companies should be allowed to keep the money as additional profits since 2018, because gas extraction will stop early.

According to journalist Wendelmoet Boersema, the additional compensation has been reported in recent parliamentary newspapers. I wrote the book “Groningen Gold – On the Power of Gas and Russia’s Role” in gas extraction, which was published on Saturday.

“Is the amount correct?”

MPs want to know from the ministers whether the stated amount is correct. Many of the agreements reached are confidential. Bickerman and Nijpour wonder if the minutes can still be made public.

No responses

Shell and ExxonMobil have previously announced that they want more funds to close the gas tap more quickly. The companies received an advance of 90 million euros. The House of Representatives responded by not approving this request.

Written questions from Beckerman and Nijboer were submitted to outgoing ministers Bas Van Woot on Economic and Climate Affairs, Kajsa Olungren from the Interior and Wopke Hoestra from Finance. Ministers must respond to this within three weeks.

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