A parcel delivery clerk throws the boxes on the street: “If you don’t want me to throw them, don’t ask for anything.” Interior

A parcel delivery clerk throws the boxes on the street: "If you don't want me to throw them, don't ask for anything."  Interior

Splinters bring good luck? Installed. But if you’ve just ordered a new service pack, the mail delivery method will undoubtedly make you less cheerful. A video clip showing how the messenger threw the parcels off the bus and left them on the street for minutes. There is a backlash on social media. The delivery man seems to be a bit more mean about it: “If you don’t want me to throw it away, don’t ask for anything.”

A parcel delivery agent tosses boxes of all shapes and sizes from his bus onto the street. Bianca Toeps from Rotterdam saw this in amazement when she toured Kop van Zuid outside. I asked the delivery man if he wanted to be extra careful. He did not appear happy to comment given his response.

The shoes she had ordered arrived intact. “There’s not a lot wrong with that. But I also order Polaroid cameras and charge them regularly. You shouldn’t even think about throwing that out.”

“Oh my God PostNL”

Twibs photographed the bus the boxes finished off on the sidewalk and posted it on Twitter. She wrote, “Oh my God, PostNL, maybe you could pay, train, and screen your employees a little better ?!”

The test continues below the tweet.

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Behind the bus was a trolley, on which a delivery person could place a large number of packages and deliver them to the correct addresses. However, none of the boxes ended up in that cart. The packages were distributed all over the pier. And they stayed there with the car for a long time. Toeps has seen this happen before. “At first I thought his cart had capsized by mistake. I still think this guy is having a bad day. But that’s how he works his day.”


At first I thought his cart had capsized by mistake, but that is how he works every day

Bianca Twips

She joked, “Should I go after this guy and send myself a box of peas?” Which raised the amusement of the readers of the letter. Twitter users replied: “And if that doesn’t work, just come back,” one wrote. Others: “I support the movement” and “I support it.”

Sodio, she’s looking forward to it.

PostNL also responded to Toeps’s messages via Twitter. “Sodeju, he’s looking forward to it today … that’s of course unacceptable!” A PostNL spokesperson said when asked: “It is clear that there is no intention to deal with parcels in this way.” “If that happens, it is a good idea to report it.”


This is clearly unacceptable!

The spokesperson says that this report is being sent to the relevant screening center. “The delivery person is treated about the behavior. If that person repeats, steps will be taken and we might say goodbye to the delivery person.

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