A note on lunch becomes Roxette’s Joyride Song Choir

A note on lunch becomes Roxette's Joyride Song Choir
Joyride from Roxette.

Tomorrow Exactly thirty years have passed since the single Joyred Van Roxett reached first place in the Dutch charts.

Highest position in the foreign charts: 1 in the United States, 4 in Great Britain.

Go back in time Roxette’s songwriter and guitarist, Per Gessle (now 62), must have kicked off Saturday May 19, 1990, his best weekend ever. He woke up that day in his apartment in the Swedish coastal town of Halmstad with the idea of ​​a dramatic song in his head. By lunchtime he was playing the piano spend my time geschreven.

When he entered the kitchen, he saw that his wife had left the house. I left him a handwritten note. It reads in Swedish: “Hello, fool, I love you.” Geisel, after more than three decades: “I immediately thought, ‘This sounds like a chorus.'”

At the end of the afternoon, his second song that day was mostly over. Uptempo song this time. To amplify the melody, he decided to whistle the chorus instead of singing it. An idea he took over from Monty Pythons Always look on the bright side of Life.

Geisel was a healthy self-esteem man, but he, along with singer Mary Fredrickson (1958-2019), had broken out all over the world a year earlier thanks to American No.1 songs. The appearance On listen to your heart, He wasn’t even expecting. Especially since the American success came completely by chance, thanks to one of the exchange students who released the album Roxette Look sharp Return to home from Sweden and deliver to a local radio station.

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Now he is suddenly under pressure to write Khalifa. Fortunately, a day later, on May 20, 1990, it must have been Love Reappear. The song was included on the movie’s soundtrack as a Christmas song three years after the song failed Pretty woman. This gave Jessel extra time to write.

Jessel finished off the lyrics for the uptempo song from the day before that Sunday. As for the title, he drew inspiration from an interview with Paul McCartney he had just read. McCartney had described composing songs with John Lennon as … “Long trip”. “When I put the song together, I knew: This is a hit.”

Twelve months later, Roxette suddenly became a playing group. it must have been Love Turns out, she was a # 1 American hit as a single. Joyred It became Roxette’s only # 1 single in the Netherlands. Album Joyred, Including spend my time (Finally in the Top 30 in the Summer of 1991), it eventually sold 11 million copies, becoming one of the most successful albums of the 1990s.

Listen more: On the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of Nujoom Joyred, I suggested Hit Parol A playlist on Spotify alongside Roxette’s greatest hits, with added album focus Joyred. The playlist can be found under the username “stefanraatgever”.

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