A new breath analyzer replaces a cotton swab in the test passes

A new breath analyzer replaces a cotton swab in the test passes

Shorter waiting time, no more cotton swabs at the back of the throat and nose. The rapid breathing test, which can now be performed at all test sites in Amsterdam, should make the aura test faster and more enjoyable.

Blow five times, inhale and exhale well, wait a few minutes and you will know if the test result for Coronavirus is positive or negative. SpiroNose, as the alcohol meter is called, turns out to be accurate enough to replace a cotton swab after months of testing in the city.

SpiroNose can determine with certainty that seventy percent of all people tested do not have coronavirus. For the remaining 30 percent, the device is unsure. In this case, people have to take another test to determine if they have contracted the infection. This is done by means of the polymerase chain reaction test or using the so-called new TNO LAMP test: two tests that work in one way or another.

600 tests per day

An alcohol meter is now available to six hundred people a day. In the coming weeks, this number will increase to more than 2,500. In the coming months, the rapid breathing test will also be used in the rest of the Netherlands.

People who have drank alcohol should pay attention: there should be at least eight hours between the last glass of alcohol and the rapid breathing analyzer.

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