A man paid $ 230 for refusing to wear a mask at Victoria, and for coughing on staff

Victoria Police issued another fine for a man who refused to follow the latest county-wide COVID-19 regulations, which were enforced earlier this month.

In a police report released Monday, VicPD said a man was fined $ 230 over the weekend after becoming a “warrior” with employees at a downtown restaurant.

The police only revealed the location of the accident CHEK News He learned that the accident took place in a Mexican cafe in the city center and obtained security footage showing the accident.

Kelsey Mitchell, the restaurant’s general manager, told CHEK News that the accident began after a group entered the building without wearing masks.

“We provided them with masks, and they looked like they were laughing at us as if it was a joke but they complied at that moment, we made them sit. Every time they go to the bathroom, they refuse to wear a mask, they hold it in their hands, and they find the request is a kind of joke,” she said.

Mitchell said that a man who refused to wear a mask when not sitting in his cabin, later became a warrior, began swearing in the staff and even threatening her.

“He raised his fist towards me and rushed at me several times, swearing to me in derogatory terms, saying, What are you going to do, little girl?”

According to the VicPD report, the man also “coughed exaggeratedly” at the staff while leaving the restaurant.

Mitchell eventually contacted the police, who detained the man outside a Mexican cafe and issued him a $ 230 fine for abusive or offensive behavior, in a premise identified by the Public Health Office.

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According to the orders of the current regional health official, everyone, except for those with certain health conditions or physical or mental disabilities, must wear masks inside indoor public spaces, including when they are not sitting at a table in a restaurant. Failure to comply could result in a $ 230 ticket.

However, Mitchell doesn’t think this is enough.

“I feel that speeding is basically not enough, it is not an uncommon story for people who work in the community who work in restaurants. I am not the first to deal with this and this in and of itself is the cause of such a big problem.” People don’t think they will carry any Consequences for their actions. “

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