A man injures an IHOP worker who was asked to wear a mask

A man injures an IHOP worker who was asked to wear a mask

Police said, Wednesday, that a man without masks at an IHOP restaurant in New York City is accused of injuring a worker after employees asked him to cover his face to meet coronavirus guidelines.

In the surveillance video of the accident posted by NYPD Crimestoppers, the man appears to argue, then pulls a table out of the way and rushes at them. It was recorded Tuesday evening in Jamaica, Queens.

A shopper crushes groceries after employees ask him to wear the mask

There is no sound in the video, but the suspect appears to be screaming and getting angry.

At one point, someone came back and gave him what looked like a folding knife. He opens it, waves it, and chases the retreating staff deep into the building.

Then he swung the knife at one of them, and although it was difficult to see if he communicated in the video, police said he hit the arm of a 40-year-old woman with the knife.

Investigators asked for the public to help identify the suspect, who was wearing a black hooded shirt and light gray tracksuits.

The viral video shows a Burger King customer confronting the man, arguing with the staff over a face mask

NYPD Crimestoppers

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Customers attacked store or restaurant workers before they were asked to cover up during the Coronavirus pandemic.

In October, two sisters were accused of stabbing a security guard at a store 27 times in Chicago after asking them to use face coverings and hand sanitizer. He escaped, and were arrested at the scene.

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