A GP will soon be vaccinated along with a GGD employee at prikstraat

Huisartsen in Zeeland zijn al begonnen met het vaccineren tegen het coronavirus. Foto: ANP

Gelderland general practitioners vaccinate people between the ages of 60 and 64, very overweight people and people with Down syndrome with the AstraZeneca vaccine. Because of the one-and-a-half meter rule, general practitioners often choose sites outside of their own clinic to take injections, and sometimes this is also the GGD injection line. GGDs were also vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine in the same injection lane for some time.

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So you can ask yourself why GGD cannot make this injection, so that the GP can continue to perform his or her care tasks. Sure because GGDs often indicate that they can vaccinate more, but they don’t have enough vaccines.


“We discussed this as well, but it looks like GGD has very few staff for that,” says Ede GP Claire Crans and a board member of Gelderse Vallei GP Circle. “It is again typical of how the vaccination strategy is to be implemented, but it is still the intention of the Ministry of Health to play a role as well.”

However, the ministry sees no harm in that. “If general practitioners use GGD facilities, there is nothing wrong with that, right?” This is how JGD Gelderland-Maiden sees it. “If we open a vaccination site somewhere, we contact general practitioners: If you like it, you’re welcome. It’s a win-win situation because we also have an extra doctor on site when we go. But in a limited number of places, so it can’t be That this cooperation takes place everywhere.

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More flexible

It was already clear before the summer that general practitioners and GGD would get vaccinated, says an RIVM spokesperson. “Then you have more flexibility. We can use general practitioners for complex groups, such as people with Down syndrome or obesity. They can choose them from their patient database, and we can’t. But in fact, it was possible to contact this group of 60.” -64 years old by us. “

RIVM adds that the “extra capacity”, which both GGD and GP will now be able to pump more than they do, was precisely the intent. “Medical practitioners can now also gain experience with ordering and logistics. And sure if we go to larger volumes – maybe 2.5 million shots per week in April – we really need different parties.”

Can reach

The National Association of General Practitioners also sees advantages in easy access to the general practitioner. “It helps certain groups in close proximity. This is better for covering the vaccination (number of people who have been vaccinated, ed).”

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